• July 31, 2014

    Weird Quirk of Mine

    So… I have always recognized that I can be a little particular about things… but I am starting to think that I might just have some real OCD going on inside my head.  You see, I’ve been training a new girl at work the past couple of weeks and I’m realizing that little, crazy things make me really, truly crazy.

    For instance, little things like writing the date wrong (7-31-14 is wrong.  Its 7/31/14.) and inconsistent capitalization when naming folders and documents.  Or, this one time, she was copying a list of directions for something and made an ink dot on my directions.  I actually wanted to rewrite the whole page of directions, but due to time constraints I decided it would be better to chop the portion of the note with the dot off.  Yup.  Threw that crap in the trash.

    I think that was when I realized how nuts I actually am.  I couldn’t handle a dot of ink on my sticky note.

    So then, the really crazy part, is that now that I see the crazy, I am trying SO HARD to hide it!  I can’t let it go, but I can’t let anyone else see the crazy.

    It will be really nice when I can go back to writing the date the right way, capitalizing words, and keeping my stuff free of ink and messiness!  Then, I can go back to my obsessiveness with less of an audience.


  • July 31, 2014

    Comfort Foods

    I definitely go through phases with food and what I find comforting.  It kinds of depends on what is causing my need for comfort… like, when I’m stressed out, I just want chocolate.  I’ll take brownies, but they need to be super rich and gooey.

    When I’m tired at the end of the day, there is nothing better than a big cup of tea.  Something calming and relaxing coupled with a good book or sweet movie.  Ugh… love!

    When I am sick, all I want is chicken soup.  Actually, all I want is Raman soup.  The problem there is that I haven’t found a reasonable substitute that is gluten free.  Also, that crap is terrible for you.

    Lastly, when I am feeling nostalgic, I crave fried chicken like nobody’s business.  And fried cheese sticks.  Again with the gluteny issues… but whatevs.  *grin*

  • July 31, 2014

    Bucket List

    It seems like there are a million and one things I want to do, so it was surprising how difficult this little list was to come up with!  I am sure this list will grow and change and become more specific as I go through life… but for now, this is what I came up with:

    Travel – Western Europe, all 50 states, Asia, New Zealand, a beautiful beach somewhere…

    Learn and “Perfect” New Skills – Archery, Photography, American Sign Language, Writing

    Read a Lot

    New experiences – Get in shape and hike all over the place, zip Lining, tent camping

    Meet people I admire – J.K. Rowling, John Green, Simon Pegg, Joss Whedon, Emma Watson, Felicia Day…

    The great thing about writing a bucket list, and revisiting it frequently, is that there are real, tangible goals right there in front of you!  And the great thing about real, tangible goals is that plans can be developed and goals can be met!  If there is one thing I’ve learned over time, it’s that you can’t possibly do what you want or live the life you dream of if you don’t plan and make it happen.

    So.  Make it happen!

  • July 30, 2014

    Last Time I Cried

    Honestly, I am so not a crier.  I hate crying and don’t usually feel the need to cry.  Usually if I do, I’m either super tired or my body is killing me with hormones.

    Growing up, I was never told not to cry, but there was always the idea floating around that I needed to be strong and Cowboy Up.  The way I see it, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    But, back to the question at hand.  When was the last time I cried?  The last time I remember crying (the quiet, weeping kind) was when watching The Fault in Our Stars at the theater with my husband.  The last time I remember really crying (the ugly, snot running from your nose, chest heaving kind) was when reading The Fault in Our Stars before seeing it in theaters.

    Damn you, John Green.

  • July 30, 2014

    What Makes Me Feel Better

    What makes me feel better?  In a word: chocolate.

    Also, hugs.  And cuddling.

    I always feel better when I get to read a book I love for hours on end.

    Sometimes all I need to feel better is a silly joke or sweet comment from my husband.

    Maybe a movie marathon if there is time.

    Honestly, it doesn’t usually take much to make me happy or for me to feel better.  Food and good company is usually all it takes.

    What can I say? I’m a simple girl.


  • July 30, 2014

    5 Favorite Blogs

    So many blogs, so much to read, so much to learn, so little time!  Let’s jump right in to this one:


    OMG.  I am such a little fangirl of this blog!  Jen is amazing in her support of geek culture, women, creativity, and art.  She does monthly art giveaways and features fans from time to time who are doing their part to spread their geekyness all over the world.

    The Bloggess

    You may have seen the book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on bookshelves over the past couple of years.  This blog is from the same author.  I’ve been reading this blog for years and adore Jenny’s sarcastic, creepy, hilarious look at life.  I also love her raw, unyielding, open discussion of mental illness and suicide.

    Geek Mom

    Geek Mom is a great compilation of articles written by real geek moms.  They discuss topics ranging from education to crafts to entertainment, all with geeky pretext.  The ladies who write for Geek Mom are smart and challenge readers to think deeply and do great things.

    Gluten Free Goddess

    This blog is a great cooking blog for people who eat only gluten free foods.  Sometimes her recipes are a little intimidating, but they are always beautiful and I imagine they must be so delicious.  There are so many recipes to try, it’s almost overwhelming!  And when you’re eating gluten free, being overwhelmed by options is a good thing.

    Sawdust and Embryos

    This blog is sweet and honest.  Beth writes about projects, home decor, family, and her own struggle with infertility.  She also shares as her two kiddos grow and develop.  Of course I don’t know these people, but the way she writes, I feel like I do.

  • July 30, 2014

    Best Physical Features

    I always hate questions like this.  Questions that demand I compliment myself.  I don’t know why, but I’ve always shied away from thinking too highly of myself.  Or of admitting it, anyway.

    So.  Here we go.  My best physical features.

    I have always liked my hair.  Even when I was younger, my hair was my pride.  In elementary school, I even went so far as to as to have my school secretary agree to do my hair for me when my mom was out of town for a week.  You see, dads just can’t possibly handle pony tails.  Ha!

    Now, my hair is still my favorite physical feature.  It’s the only beauty related thing I am willing to spend money on besides the basic make up I wear.  It won’t hold a curl to save its life, but there you go.

    The other physical feature I like is my fingernails.  They are nicely shaped and usually very strong, so I hardly even have to maintain them.  I rarely paint them, but have been asked on several occasions if they were real.  Apparently, they look like they are fake, French tipped nails.

    So, there you are… my best physical features.  Even though it’s difficult for some, I do think it is important to honestly evaluate things like this for yourself once in a while.  When I force myself to think nice things about myself, I find more pride and self-confidence and that can be kinda nice sometimes.

  • July 24, 2014

    1 Year of Blogging

    Happy birthday to Bliggity Blogging!

    *bakes gluten free cake*

    This definitely is not part of the 31 Day Challenge, but I’m thinking this is more important so I don’t feel bad about axing today’s prompt.  Not even a little bit.

    One year of blogging.  Holy cow!  It does not feel like a year has gone by.

    Not even close.

    *frosts gluten free cake*

    A year ago, I thought I would be a lot better at this by this time.  I had no idea how time consuming it would be.  I didn’t anticipate learning how to edit photos.  Or struggling to take photos all the time.

    A year ago, I had no idea how much fun I would have or how much I would grow from making the commitment to a weekly blog.  I would like to think I’ve improved my writing and added something positive to the world.

    In the coming year, I hope to continue to grow and improve.  I hope to share more recipes, take more pictures, and add some projects to the list.  I hope to keep you interested.  And to keep me interested.  I hope to stay organized and update on time.

    I’m not perfect and this blog isn’t perfect, but it’s mine.  Thanks for joining me on the journey of growth, discovery, good food, and big thoughts.

    Here’s to another year of Bliggity Blogging!

    *lights birthday candle*

  • July 23, 2014

    Pet Peeves

    Oh my gosh… there are so many things that irritate me about people and what they do!  I know, that’s probably not a good thing, right?  But, it’s really hard for a perfectionist to accept/tolerate what we perceive as other people’s inadequacies.  So, here’s my list of things you should never do unless your goal is to annoy me:

    Lying and manipulating

    Poor spelling – especially when it is a simple word like their or there

    Bad driving

    Words like “totes” and phrases like “no touchy”

    People who are always one-upping other people


    Laziness and poor work ethic

    Sloppy drunks and excessively loud people

    Negative attitudes for no reason

    False modesty and bragging



    I should probably stop there, right?  Yea… I should stop there.

  • July 22, 2014

    10 Favorite Songs

    My taste in music is all over the place and my favorite music changes a lot, so this post was a little difficult for me.  I ended up choosing ten songs from bands that I have liked a lot over time.  They aren’t in any sort of order because I think there is music for everything in life… a slow, sad song may be my favorite one day, but a upbeat, silly song is better the next day.  It really just depends on what I need to hear that day.


    Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe


    Box of Rain by The Grateful Dead


    Come Together by The Beatles


    Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol


    Never Mind Me by Big and Rich


    Just Give me a Reason by Pink


    Passenger Seat by SheDaisy


    Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan


    Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day


    One Week by Barenaked Ladies