• July 29, 2015

    2 Year Anniversary of Bloggin’

    Two years in, friends, and this journey of soul bearing and blog writing continues to grow and exhaust me in ways I wasn’t sure were possible.  In the past year, I have run forward at what feels like full throttle and somehow have managed to document most of it in this little blog!

    I’ve traveled to Canada and pushed my physical self to its limits up a really big mountain.  I’ve cooked and grilled and baked like mad.  I’ve learned how to make whole foods into fancy desserts that are also super healthy.  I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone and hosted a DoTerra party and transitioned to using essential oils for cleaning and many health maladies.  I’ve crafted and created and made the world around me a little more beautiful.  I’ve sold a house and moved into an apartment.  I’ve plotted and planned and am SO ready for my beautiful home to be built.

    And that’s just the things I’ve told ya’ll about!  *grin*

    Looking forward, I think it’s going to be another amazing year with many exciting transitions and many opportunities to do new things and blog new blogs.  I hope you’ll bear with me during the busy times and enjoy all of the good stuff that’s coming!  Thanks for reading!

  • July 22, 2015

    Essential Oil Bug Spray

    My family learned early on in my little life that bug spray does not agree with me.  The story goes that we were at a picnic with friends when I was still too small to be walking yet and someone picked me up.  Within minutes, I was swollen to the size of a watermelon and pink all over and it was all very scary and traumatic for my parents.  Once I was back to a normal baby size, they discovered that someone had sprayed Cutter bug spray and the transfer from them to me was enough to damn near kill me!

    So, most of my life, I have just had to deal with bugs unless I could sit next to a burning citronella candle whenever I was outside.  Lame, right?

    That has all changed now, though, since I discovered essential oils!  DoTerra sells a great blend called TerraShield that is made specifically to repel insects.  To make the bug spray, I combine 10 drops of TerraShield with water in a 4oz (glass!) spray bottle.  One application lasts about 5-6 hours so you don’t have to reapply a ton.

    If you don’t use DoTerra or want to try blending your own bug spray, I recommend using a few drops each of lemon, lemongrass, citronella, and eucalyptus with water in a 4 oz spray bottle.

    Give it a try and spend the rest of summer bug free!

  • July 15, 2015

    Top 5 Things on Etsy

    As you may or may not remember, my birthday is coming up at the end of this month and I am super excited!  I generally try not to get too overly excited about these things, but I’ve gotta say, my grown up birthdays have been way better than most of my childhood birthdays.  So, let’s just say I’m making up for lost time!

    Anyway, if you’re looking for something awesome to get me for the big 2-8, here is a list of my five favorite things on etsy right now.  ;)

    First up is this amazing corgi t-shirt by yayforfidgetart:

    Corgi TShirt


    It looks so soft and comfy, plus there is a very classy looking corgi which I find amazing and hilarious.

    Next up is this print with one of my many favorite quotes from the I.T. Crowd (if you haven’t seen this series, drop everything right now and go watch it!):

    Damn Good

    The Geekerie


    And now, some more prints!  *grin*  I couldn’t choose just one to represent Ben Byrd’s artwork, so here are three of my favorites:


    Hagrid and his new dragon



    Cutepunk Octoship



    Wash flies Serenity. He is a leaf on the wind



    I am becoming a big fan of this style of jewelry.  I love the raw edges and bright colored stones!  It’s a perfect balance between polished and natural that makes me really happy.  *grin*




    And last but not least is this beautiful papercraft of Totoro from Will Pigg:



    I love the perfect detail he puts into his pieces – every cut creates texture and movement that you wouldn’t ever dream could come from paper!  He must be the most patient man in the world to create what he does!


    So, there you have it!  My top five favorite things on Etsy!  Now, get shopping!  ;)

  • July 8, 2015

    Moving is Hard

    Oh. Em. Gee.  Moving is hard, ya’ll.

    Seriously, I haven’t been able to post anything in over a month and I’m not even really sure this will go up because our internet isn’t working most of the time.  Arrrgh!

    In  the event that I do finally figure out how to get this posted, I feel like I should probably update you with our progress.  So… yeah.  We had the house on the market just under 3 weeks, had one open house, lots of lookers, and 2 offers.  We took the best one and closed after all of the inspections and minor repairs were done!

    During that time, we were also researching and interviewing different apartments for short term leases and pet friendliness.  We were packing boxes and moving things to storage and my parents house.  We were praying and stress eating and cleaning compulsively.  The pets were super stressed and grumpy with us, but we all somehow managed to come out on the other side of it alive.  People have actually joked that they’re amazed we made it through and still talk to each other.

    It’s funny because it’s true.

    I have honestly never hated an experience more than I have hated this move.  We have too much stuff and there wasn’t enough time to sort through it all before having to box it up and get it out.  I hate being in discombobulation wondering where my toothbrush is because someone shoved it in a box somewhere.  It’s hard not having a functional kitchen and I hate being sick from going out to eat so much.


    But!  In the end it will all be great!  We’re going to end up in a house we built and in a location that rocks!  Near a huge city park and the new co-op, close to shopping, entertainment, and friends, our new place will totally be worth all the pain and suffering.

    Pretty sure I’ll be hiring movers next time, though.  *grin*