• January 7, 2015

    New Year’s Resolutions


    Happy New Year!

    I am coming to enjoy this time of year for its reflective and forward thinking sentiments.  Last year was really the first time I’d done New Year’s resolutions, so this year it has been exciting to review and reflect on how that shaped my thinking and actions.  I was surprised that I actually tried to keep my goals and that I met most of them!  Probably, I am the only one who remembers what those goals were last year… so lets review!

    Last year’s resolutions:

    1.  This year I will update the blog on time (Wednesdays)

    • Mostly met – messed up pretty badly in September, but have usually been consistent otherwise. 

    2. Take more pictures

    • Mostly met – lots more pictures, but not quite as many or as candid as I intended. 

    3. Have more adventures and try new things

    • Met!  Went to Canada, had an archery lesson, went to my first renaissance faire,  went tent camping for the first time, did some great hiking in new places, and went to a concert.

    4. I will make more health conscious decisions with regards to food and exercise

    • Met!  Started walking 1/2 mile in the mornings and stick to a clean eating diet

    5. I will practice more self care (e.g.: yoga, relaxing with a book, walking the dog, etc.) to help cope with stress and anxiety

    • Somewhat met – I always read, but still struggle to allow myself to really relax – there is always something that “needs” done! 

    6. Read my way through the alphabet (in no particular order, because that would be really hard)

    • Working on it!  More on this later…


    With the progress from 2014 in mind, I have revised and added new resolutions for 2015:

    1. Continue updating blog on time and improving content.

    2. Take more pictures and improve quality; improve Photoshop skills.

    3.  Practice better self care.

    4. Go somewhere new.

    5. Renew old relationships and cultivate new ones.


    So, here’s to a new year, filled with new opportunities and experiences!

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