• January 6, 2016



    As you probably know by now, I like to take time every year to consider the progress I’ve made and how things have changed in my life.  I like to write resolutions and really do try to stick to the changes being made.  Of course, this year shall be no different!  *grin*

    Last year’s resolutions and progress:


    1. Continue updating blog on time and improving content.

    Mostly met – things fell apart a little when we moved into the apartment and then again when we moved into the house.  Guess I’ll need to keep working on this one!


    2. Take more pictures and improve quality; improve Photoshop skills.

    Mostly met – pretty good progress, but still have a lot to learn!


    3.  Practice better self care.

    Met!  In 2015, I started working out, read a ton of books, and did better with taking breaks and time off when I needed to!


    4. Go somewhere new.

    Met!  I had no idea how real this one would get when I wrote it!  Not only did I go somewhere new, I live somewhere new!


    5. Renew old relationships and cultivate new ones.

    Partially met – I did meet some new people and am in the process of building up those friendships.  I didn’t really renew old relationships so much, though.


    Aaaand my new resolutions for 2016:

    1. Improve photos and content on The Bliggity Blog.

    2. Cook and bake more – experiment.

    3. Give generously.

    4. Prioritize meeting new people and developing friendships.

    5. Take a vacation!


    Wish me luck!

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