• February 24, 2016

    Top 5 Apps for Android

    It’s time for another Top 5!  This time, we’re going to look at my favorite apps for Android devices (many of these apps are also available for ios, but I don’t know anything about that so… Android it is!).


    Ok, my number one app is actually a combination of apps an you all probably already use them, so it’s not terribly groundbreaking.  However, I feel that Google’s apps bear mentioning because I use them heavily and love their function.   I plan and write first drafts of the blog on Drive; I use Calendar to plan meals every week and keep track of everything else that is going on; I use Keep to remember things I hear on the radio, make quick notes about ideas for the blog and other things.  Maps and Gmail, of course, get lots of action as well.  Maps I use more for work than play, but I definitely rely on it pretty much whenever I go somewhere new.


    Podcast Republic

    My second app is Podcast Republic.  This app allows you to stream and download podcasts from tons of different sources.  Among my favorite podcasts are NPR (with several subcategories: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, Hidden Brain, TED Radio Hour, and Fresh Air), several podcasts from HowStuffWorks.com (Stuff You Should Know, Stuff Mom Never Told You, ), The Art of Manliness (not just for men!), Dear Hank & John (from Hank and John Green of YouTube fame), Ear Biscuits (from Rhett and Link also of YouTube fame).  If those don’t interest you, just peruse the lists that include everything from religion to sports to politics to videogames and hobbies.



    The third app I love is called Wine Secretary.  This is a simple, easy to use app that allows you to track and rate the wine you drink.  I think my favorite feature is that you can take a picture of the label to help jog your memory and to help you find it again later!  There is also a feature to keep track of the wines you have in your collection (I don’t use this so much since I don’t keep that much wine on hand).



    Number four is Audible.   If you aren’t already familiar, this app allows you to buy and listen to audio books.  My husband is currently using it to listen to Dutch language lessons while he runs, but we discovered it when we took our road trip to Canada and needed something to listen to!  You can set up a monthly subscription and get one book free a month and discounts on any additional books you want to get as well.


    CamScanner CamCard

    My fifth app is actually two similar apps: CamScanner and CamCard.  I use these more on my work phone than in my personal life, but they have been pretty helpful so far.  CamScanner allows you to take pictures of documents and will update the image so your documents are the only thing in the picture and makes them more readable (printable, even).  CamCard is similar, only it is designed for importing contacts directly from business cards.  I have found that this function is a little spotty and I almost always need to update the contact information by hand later due to wrong letters being entered and so on.  I still like this app, though, and have hopes that it will improve with time.



    Finally, since my first favorite was sort of a generic cop-out, I think you’ve earned a bonus app!  TwoDots is a beautiful, addictive puzzle game.  I started playing this in January when I was sick and laying on the couch all day, but I have continued to play during breaks at work and down time at home.  The home screen artwork is adorable, as is the music.  The game play is pretty straightforward and seems simple, but the puzzles get increasingly difficult and the objectives change with every level, so it keeps you on your toes.  It’s defiantly worth a look if you enjoy causal game play.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed my favorite apps and maybe even found some new favorites for yourself!  What are your favorites?

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