• January 4, 2017



    Well, friends, we survived the dumpster fire year of 2016!  Pat yourself on the back and wave a banner – you did it!  No matter how bad things got, you stuck it out with me and came out on the other side battered and bruised, but alive.  Good job!  Depending on where you and and what your life philosophies may be, 2017 is either looking really good or really scary for you – but you know what?  We’re gonna survive it (and hopefully thrive in it…) just like we did in 2016.

    Every new year, my husband chooses an overall theme for the year.  I’ve never really done that before, but I think this year deserves a theme: Hope.

    If you’ve been reading my blog in recent months, you will know I went to Hawaii with a dear friend back in October and I learned a lot of things about worldviews and lifestyles.  I learned a lot about the idea of Aloha and it struck me as something very hopeful.  Since then, I’ve been sort of working towards a lot of my resolutions in wishy-washy, nebulous ways, but I want to really make them a priority this year.  I want to make real, concrete change in my mind and my life:

    Be more present
    - Bullet Journal
    - Meditation
    - Less phone/tv time

    Be more grateful
    - 1x per month, do something nice to thank the awesome people in my life
    - Weekly gratitude journal – bullet journal section
    Be less “busy” and more productive
    - Less distractions – tv, Facebook, etc.
    - Set real goals and try to meet them

    Be more open to people and opportunity
    - Check in with friends and family
    - Think outside the box more – try new things

    Be healthy
    - Less sugar
    - More water
    - More exercise

    To me, these things really represent hope.  Being real and grateful, opening myself to the universe and what’s in it, and moving forward with positivity in my heart, mind, and soul.  This will NOT be easy.  It’s not necessarily all things that can be measured, but it’s things that I  know can make a real difference between dumpster fire despair and hope.  Find hope, ya’ll and cling to it for dear life because life is dear.  And YOU are dear.  Take care of yourself this year.  <3

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