• August 19, 2015

    House Update


    Hold on to your hats, ya’ll, I have a house update!  The builder officially broke ground last week and we’re on our way to having a house again!  I know this probably isn’t half as exciting for you as it is for me, but that’s ok, right?


    So.  Yes.  They have leveled the earth and poured the concrete and progress is happening!  This is particularly exciting because we’ve been watching our next door neighbors home being built and they have been just one step ahead of us the whole time.  Jealous as we have been, it’s good to finally see some movement on our lot!

    Also encouraging is the thought of no longer living in an apartment in the near future.  I know there are so many things to be thankful for here in this little place, but there are also a lot of things that make day to day life really difficult!  You see, we have been used to having a yard for Ollie and a kitchen with enough room for two to dance while making dinner.  We’re used to quiet dishwashers and big barreled washing machines.  We’re used to quiet and lots of light coming in our windows.  So, while I really try not to complain about things… I do find it difficult to stay positive here because so many of our routines and enjoyable activities have been significantly disrupted.

    To help us continue to look forward, I’m going to make a paper chain to count down the days until our home should be ready for habitation!  We will take down one piece of the chain every day and write something that either we are thankful for or that we are looking forward to in the new house.  I’m not sure yet what we’ll use each piece for, but for now it keeps us looking forward!

    As things progress, I’ll keep ya’ll updated.  Hopefully I’ll have lots to share soon!

  • April 29, 2015

    Movin’ on Up


    Good gracious, keeping up with the blog has been harder than I thought it would be!  I was planning to wait until things were a little farther along to talk about it here, but keeping it secret doesn’t really seem to be much of a choice anymore so…

    We’re having a house!

    You thought I was going to say baby, didn’t you?  Ha!

    Ok.  So.  Yes.  We are in the process of selling our current house in favor of finding something in a better location, with a different layout, and that is a little newer.  The past couple of months we have been researching, planning, and getting things ready for transition and this last weekend we finally put ‘er on the market!  It has been so ridiculously overwhelming that I can’t actually focus on anything else for more than a few minutes at a time.

    Now that she’s on the market, though, I think things are going to improve a lot and maybe even get back to normal.

    I hope.

    Anyway, that is what I have been up to and why my blogging is suddenly less consistent than normal.  Sorry!  I will keep ya’ll updated, though, as things progress and we move forward!  *grin*

    Wish us luck!