• February 17, 2016

    Adding to the Fun

    Well, friends, I think things are getting back to normal around here and I’m feeling pretty good about where we’re at so far this year!  Because I am feeling more confident in the content on this site, I am thinking about implementing some fun new aspects with social media that I think you’ll enjoy!

    Don’t worry,  you’ll still get the same level of content here at the Bliggity Blog, but  you’ll also get to enjoy Haiku Monday on Twitter (@thebliggityblog) and Photo Friday on Instagram (thebliggityblog)!  You will be able to search for this content using the hashtags #haikumonday #photofriday and #thebliggityblog   I will, of course, try to include other content on Twitter and Instagram throughout the week as well… I’m just not ready to promise too much all at once!

    I hope you will enjoy this new content!  I also hope you’ll be patient with me as I get into the new routine and try to keep up with it all!  ;)